The backend for busy developers

Para is a flexible and cost-effective backend service that stores, indexes and caches your objects.

Open Source

A managed service based on the open source library Para. Adding your own features is a pull request away on GitHub.


We are hosted on Amazon Web Services, inside a private cloud, which allows us to scale up and down quickly.

No vendor lock-in

You can always switch to another hosting service or run Para on your infrastructure. We're cool with that.

Client-side focus

Our simple JSON API and client SDKs allow you to easily integrate Para into your code.


  • Advanced authentication

    Your users can be authenticated with their social accounts and Para will issue a JSON Web Token (JWT). LDAP and Active Directory are also supported. This combined with powerful resource permissions for each user, gives you great flexibility and security.

  • Full-text search

    All your objects are indexed automatically by Elasticsearch - a robust and scalable search engine. Para supports many types of queries like basic field queries, wildcard, geo point, and "more-like-this" queries.


    The API is simple and secure. Using basic HTTP methods you can create, read, update and delete objects. It also supports pagination and field limiting. All API calls are signed using the latest AWS signature v4 algorithm, used by Amazon.

  • Distributed cache

    Your objects are cached when they are created or updated. Caching allows for faster read times and decreases the load on the database. This works great for "hot" objects that don't change very often.

  • Scalability

    Para is hosted on the AWS cloud and is powered by DynamoDB - a scalable, fault tolerant database with very low latency. All your data is encrypted (encryption at rest) and stored on Solid State Drives (SSDs).

  • Backup & Restore

    Premium plans feature an easy-to-use backup and restore control panel which enables you to import and export data from DynamoDB. We'll take care of all the hard work, such as managing data pipelines and MapReduce clusters. You simply download the JSON file when it's ready.

Works well with other platforms


  • The Free Plan
  • Free
  • 1 Application
  • 1 GB Data Storage
  • Fixed at 1 reads/s
  • Fixed at 1 writes/s
  • Email support
  • Chat with us on Gitter
  • The Developer Plan
  • $19
    per month
  • 3 Applications
  • 10 GB of storage
  • Flexible read capacity
  • Flexible write capacity
  • S3 Backup & Restore
  • Email support
  • The Casual Plan
  • $49
    per month
  • 10 Applications
  • Up to 50 GB of storage
  • Flexible read capacity
  • Flexible write capacity
  • S3 Backup & Restore
  • Email support
  • The Serious Plan
  • $99
    per month
  • Unlimited Applications
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Flexible read capacity
  • Flexible write capacity
  • S3 Backup & Restore
  • Email support

Additional storage and read/write capacity credits can be purchased separately.

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